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Coolstuff Gaming
Ucal K673 Pro

This keyboard is amazing and super responsive! One thing is the nob and be a little tricky when trying to get it to do other things besides the volume.

Works great!

Went from my laptop keys to this and it only took about 3 games of Fortnite to adjust and its been smooth sailing since then! I'd recommend it seeing I have found no issues with it. Solid product.

Eli Kowalkiewicz
I already reviewed this

E read my other one

Daniel Benson
Ire pro

I love how light and comfortable this headset is it’s so loud on max I can set it down and hear it so easy to use you will love it

Jake Gorrell
Software is junk

The mouse felt and seemed like it would have worked. Unfortunately, the software is absolutely broken. The mouse “could not be found.” Tried multiple ways and multiple computers to troubleshoot. Not worth the hassle. Get a corsair that works with its software

Cool Gaming mouse

This was my first gaming mouse and so I was a bit unsure at first but as soon as I got it, my mind was blown. The features are just perfect and the appearance is outstanding.
I can finally Game better now thanks to this!

Loving the curve!

I got this to replace a very old monitor at my workstation in my workshop. Most of the stuff I am using it for is CAD design, CNC setup, and YT. I have a mini pc that I mounted to the back of the monitor. Setup was super easy. It requires no tools to attach the stand and get it up and running. Everything was plug and play. The picture quality is a great improvement over the old one. Took a gamble with the curved monitor, never had one before. But I actually quite appreciate it for when I’m doing work in fusion. It’s got good clarity, good refresh rate, and good color. The actual build quality of the monitor is impressive. Lots of attention to detail with how it is put together and the accents. I am especially appreciative of the tilt features, as I have the monitor up off the desk. All in all, it looks good and works extremely well.

this product is amazing

tis is my favorite key board

the mouse is realy good for its price and i love it

it is amazing in pink

Night Glory
this product is amazing

i bought this as a gifft for my cousin and he loves it

this product is amazing

iwould recomend it to evvery one

Nice keyboard

I think this is a rally good keyboard for beginners, i still have it and love it.


This keyboard is amazing everything pre lubed and stabilizers are pretty good it’s a amazing cheap keyboard

Pedro Pacheco
Very nice one

Beautiful and practical

Gamer Keyboard

Very good one, nice RGB and confortable

David Mott
Headset Review

Both myself and my wife now have these for headsets and in my opinion the best headset I've ever own light weight breathable and for someone that has sweating decease this is key battery life is great 2 days of heavy use before charging 3 to 4 if not being used heavy sound is great that all I can say about sound. The only 2 cons I have to say is 1 the button location takes time getting use to and there is no other way to tell how much charge is on the headset just a light some kind of software/ program letting you know battery life would be great


Is a good, beautiful and complete keyboard (the only issue I’m having is with the software)

Better than anticipated...

I was excited when this pre-sale/early sale was announced with this new 96% style keyboard in this form factor, but even more so when the special artwork of the K686 PRO was coming out. I had to have it! Especially at such competitive pricing. Well, surprising enough, the keyboard is even better in person in my opinion. Noting the great artwork on the backplate and spacebar as my particular favorite parts to look at.

Logan Deneau
Better than anticipated...

I was excited when this keyboard style and even more excited with this special art style of the EISA K686 PRO model was announced. Upon further review, I decided I had to have it at such a competitive price! It actually surprised me it is better in person in my opinion. Especially the art on the backplate, plus spacebar to note specifically.


looks like school headphones, not that bad

Good headphones

Nice headphones that are also comfortable to wear, but my wire broke.

Great Keyboard

I absolutely love this keyboard, it has so many different rgb setting. It has 78 keys which means it has the number pad on the right and still keeps a small compact size.I love how it sounds and feels very smooth.

Charging cable

Hey the mouse is amazing but im trying to look for the same charging cable but i cant find it and i know i can use any usb-c type of cable but i would like that one for the mouse.