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10/10 - Bullet-QL Peach

Switches were phenomenal worth every cent. Work fantasticly without needing to lube them. Very generous of them to include a switch and keypad puller. :)

solid keyboard

volume wheel is from rubber, G/M keys cannot be managed in sw

Tommy Tandiono

it's good

Will Ryder

Awesome keyboard! Really elevated my gaming experience!

Chase Rickards
Just to add a picture with my review

Still an amazing mouse!!!

First ever gaming keyboard

This keyboard feels very solid. It looks clean. Red switches are insanely smooth. RGB is insane. Features are insane. Nice and compact. Blurry pic shows true RGB intensity.

Came in CRAZY fast and was exactly as described online. Also thanks for the $7 off!

James Glenn
New Redragon customer.

I kept having problems with another big name brand gaming headphones not functioning on several devices. These even required a downloaded app to function.
Checked around on sites and somebody recommended Redragon h510 Zeus.
Bought a pair and they work well, good audio. Better price than others.

Perfect keyboard

This keyboard and mouse combo is perfect for the office. It’s compact but has all the keys you would need to be productive. The keys are very responsive and tactical but again quiet enough for an office environment. The mouse fits perfectly in my palm as well, very comfortable to use. By far my favorite keyboard & mouse combo that I’ve used in the office before.

Basic highly functional wireless combo

The Red Dragon BS8772 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is kind of what you'd expect for a budget basic peripherals set. Nothing too fancy or premium here but neither could I find any flaws that interfered with keyboard and mouse just doing what they are supposed too. That is high praise for the very budget price point here. I chose this combo to build out a secondary setup for family members to use or a backup and for that purpose it is working great!

There are only two minor cons I could come up with. The legends on the gray keys are a bit hard to see unless you have the backlight turned on. On the mouse, the motion and sound of the mouse scroll wheel feels a bit flimsy (functional just budget feeling).

On the positive side, wireless connection is rock solid. Zero issues with plug and play on both windows and linux. Battery life on the keyboard seems pretty great and charged quickly with usb c after I did finally run it down. Mouse takes an AA battery so make sure you have one on hand since it is not included. The keyboards layered special keys for sound, video playback, backlight, etc. are well labeled and intuitive enough to figure out. The compact layout is very convenient and has everything you need while staying compact. The general looks are minimalist and classy with the gray and white colorway I chose and I like that the branding is just a subtle "R" and not too in your face.

Overall as a budget Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo I don't think you can do much better than this Red Dragon one. Recommended.

good but

prefer club style mice better


For 20 dollars they sound very good definitely worth a buy (use code Zenn at checkout)

Jeff Moyer
Pretty Good!

Arrived super fast. Extremely affordable price. The cable housing is a soft cloth, which is unique in my experience so we'll see how that fairs in time.

My only issue is that buttons "4 and 5" on the top of the mouse seem to be directly tied to the 4 lighter adject to them. While it's fine for the default setting of adjusting the DPI it's rather useless if you set it for anything else, which I imagine most people will.


Bang for your buck

Horus TKL K621
Leonardo Durante
The best keyboard

The Horus TKL K621 exceeded my expectations! The build quality is superb, and the tactile feedback is perfect for both gaming and typing. RGB lighting is vibrant and customizable, making it a visual delight. The compact design saves desk space without compromising functionality. Highly recommend for any enthusiast!

Ian Foster
Simple and clean

Just a good little speaker, not too heavy duty but not the cheapest thing around, plus it has bluetooth as an option?
Solid choice for a budget media center.

Elizabeth Beltran
Love them!!

I bought this speakers because I liked how they look and the colors. The sound is pretty good and the quality too! Buy them, you won’t regret it!

the best

this mouse is my fav. for mmo games instead of doing the number keys on top easy access.

This is such a great keyboard

broken drivers, required intensive google

right click is squeaking, broken software from ALL redzone websites not working, i had to google for hours to find drivers from a non official website

ergonomy is bad for my hand, the side buttons are way too thin in width, my large thumb often presses two of them, be aware of that !

shape is top notch very comfy, fire click button is easy to access

I freaking love this keyboard

Works great

It was easy to install and after getting it setup I ran some tests and it's pretty quick. not the fastest drive around but twice the storage for the price compared to my other SSD it's not bad at all

Michael Pines
Doesn't work

It Does not work on a table nor a mouse pad

Nicholas Peek

Comfortable, attractive, customizable, and well built. Oh, and for half the price of the "big brands". Yeah, it's awesome.

Nicholas Peek
So Good

Forget the RGB. Forget all the buttons and the gazillion potential options for customization. We can even forget about the stellar build quality - especially at the price point. This mouse simply feels amazing in your hand. Using it is an absolute pleasure. No lie, out of the countless mice I've used over the years, nothing has felt as good to use as this one. Buy it!

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Great product, great customer service

Great product and very great customer service. They reached me quickly and were able to immediately make a change on my order without me having to pay more for it, and I got my order very fast. I recommend this company.

I really like the way how fast the respond

I really like the way how fast the respond, no doubt they are great. Their prices are very reasonable, I have very positive experience with Redragonshop.

Irma Russo
10/10! Quality as expected

Great product, even better customer service. My representative was Chance and he went above and beyond to ensure my order was taken care of properly. He handled a change in my order promptly and even checked in after delivery to make sure everything was corrected.

Micah Wagner
Easy to work with and Fast customer…

I've been buying from them for quite a few years and usually end up buying things I don't really need but like to try out their products; which most end up being on their amazon store but some are not there yet so I buy directly from their other page when that happens. I would normally turn to Redragon for most of my computer needs but they don't make quite everything I need or at least didn't on my last build but will continue in the future since they are starting to have monitors, cases, cooling, and power supplies available to purchase.

My first purchase and all went well

This was my first purchase with Redragon and I am super impressed with the build of this keyboard especially for the price. I have already contacted customer service on my Horus K618-RED#78661 low profile keyboard just to get a question answered and the service was great.

Jack Davis