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Becoming a Referrer:

  • No prior purchase necessary. Sign up with your email to become a Referrer.

Qualified Referral:

  • A purchase made at Redragon’s website by a new customer (Referral Customer) who arrives via your unique referral link.
  • Only the first purchase from each Referred Customer counts as a Qualified Referral.

Referred Customer Definition:

  • The Referred Customer must be a different individual from the Referrer, with unique email, billing, and shipping information.

Tracking Referral Rewards:

  • Access your Referral Dashboard via the provided link.
  • Enter your registered email.
  • Select "Track your rewards" to view earned rewards.

Reward Process:

  • Both Referrers and Referred Customers will receive reward notifications via email.

Receiving Cash Rewards:

  • After a successful referral, you'll get an email to choose your reward and provide your PayPal details.
  • Set up a PayPal account if you don't have one.


  • Open to individuals only. Not available for businesses or for affiliate lead generation.

No Spam Policy:

  • Must adhere to current "SPAM" laws. Personal email distribution recommended; bulk email distribution is discouraged.