Redragon Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Written by Sterling Adachi


The holidays are rapidly approaching and many people will be scouring the internet to find solid, cost-efficient products for the gamers in their lives. No one puts budget-friendly and quality in the same subject as well as Redragon. You can find numerous items from keyboards, to headphones, to laptop bags. I’m here today to tell you about some of the best bang-for-buck products for around ~$50 that anyone would be excited to receive. All of these products can be found on



  • Devarajas K556       $59.99
  • Castor K631 Pro      $54.99
  • Zeus H510              $47.99
  • Diomedes H386       $42.99
  • Impact Elite M913   $47.99
  • Storm M808-N        $24.99
  • GW910 1080p         $42.99
  • Adiemus GS560      $46.99
  • GB-93 Backpack      $58.99


Devarajas K556

redragon k556

The K556 is one of the most solid, sturdy keyboards I’ve ever felt; from any brand and it's only $59.99! On all sides, this full-sized board is encased in anodized aluminum and feels like you’re holding a slab of steel. There is zero flex and the bottom-out feel is amazing if you’re the type of person who wants a metal plate as opposed to a softer polycarbonate one. The board features 3-pin hot-swap ability with Outemu switches and similar sizes (Akko CS, Gazzew). The board is available with brown tactile or red linear switches. Check the full review here. 

Castor K631 Pro


Unlike the Fizz K617 60% keyboard, this one is 65%, wireless, and fully hot-swappable. 65% means this one includes the oh-so-important arrow keys that many need for the games they play. The K631 Pro also has a dedicated page up/down as well as delete and ~ keys. You can even use print-screen if you hold down the fn+; keys which wasn’t a feature at all on the Fizz K617. You have the option of using this board wired, with a 2.4GHz USB-A dongle or even Bluetooth 5.0. True/Full hot-swap means you can put just shy of any cherry MX compatible switches including 5-pin into this beauty and it will pop in with no problem. The board comes with red linear switches by default. It’s the perfect size to fit on a cramped desk or to take on the go to a tournament or friend’s house.

Zeus H510

redragon h510 headset

Ask anyone about Redragon headsets and you’ll immediately be sung the praises of these headphones. They sound crystal clear and have just enough bass to sound the way you need it to with their 53mm drivers. The headband and ear cup brackets are made of durable steel which is borderline unheard of for ~$50 on a headset. The headband and ear cushions are made of very plush memory foam and leatherette material. You can use these on any platform but to take advantage of the 7.1 surround sound in-line controls you’ll need to plug in via USB. A HUGE plus with these headphones is the fact that everything is detachable. You can remove the 3.5mm cable from the headset as well as the microphone if you plan to use a standalone microphone. For less than $50 I can’t recommend a better headset for FPS games.

With the 7.1 surround sound turned on you can hear footsteps and gunshots with accurate directional audio which could be the difference between life and death in a game like Apex Legends, Warzone, and Rainbow 6 Siege. Check the full review here. 

Diomedes H386

redragon h386 headset

For even less than the cost of the Zeus H510, you can grab a pair of these feather-weight, pseudo-open-back headphones. Similar sturdy design as the Zeus in which the headband and ear cups are made of aluminum but these weigh SIGNIFICANTLY less. The Diomedes H386 headset weighs 188g which is 152g less than the Zeus H510. They truly feel non-existent after a few minutes on your head. One major difference in the way these sound compared to the H510s is that they sound awful for FPS games.

But ASTOUNDING in open-world RPG games like Skyrim, Monster Hunter World, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. You will hear background sounds you had no idea were there before like faint bird calls in the distance or the sound of leaves rustling in the wind creating a truly immersive soundstage unheard of in this sub $50 price range.

Impact Elite M913


Here is Redragon’s flagship MMO-style mouse that features 16 programmable buttons including a fire button by the left mouse button that will turn a fully automatic weapon into a 3-round burst with each press. This mouse weighs 129g and can be used wired or wireless with a 2.4GHz USB-A dongle. The M913 features an optical Pixart 3335 sensor and Huano switches rated for 20 million clicks. You can adjust the polling rate from 125hz up to 1000hz via software. Although it features plenty of RGB, you can turn the switch to “Eco” which will only illuminate the DPI setting, making the battery last 80 hours before having to recharge with the USB-C to A cable. This mouse also features a thumb and pinky rest on the left and right sides which you never knew you needed until you feel how comfortable it is to hold. 

Compare with M686 Mouse here.

Storm M808-N


The most competitive, lightweight wired mouse available from Redragon. For only $25 you can have a 60g honey-comb styled wired mouse with a Pixart 3327 sensor, Huano 20 million click switches, and a 1000hz max polling rate. This mouse is so focused on performance and weight savings that it doesn’t feature any RGB on its frosted black, stealthy exterior. Even the cable is made to be as light as possible for the least amount of drag.

GW910 1080p Webcam

GW910 1080P PC Webcam

This webcam is a steal for $42.99! You can record yourself in 1080p 30fps and even digitally zoom up to 5x with the touch of a button. No worries about anyone spying on you with the included magnetic privacy shutter either. Lighting too dark in the room? No problem. You have an included ring light built into the webcam that has 3 levels of brightness from cool to warm.

Adiemus GS560

Redragon ADIEMUS GS560 Desktop Soundbar

This is a truly wonderful RGB-rich soundbar at a mere $46.99. Extremely clear highs and mids. The volume can get VERY loud without breaking up either. There is a soft touch button on the top of the device for changing the RGB colors on the strip running at the bottom. The large, quality-feeling volume knob lights up red when powered and you feel a tactile response as you turn the knob. My only gripe here would be the lack of punchy bass at lower volumes. That could be easily solved if we had a port to plug in an external subwoofer.

Full Review Here>>



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