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Redragon ADIEMUS GS560 Desktop Soundbar Review
redragon gs560 soundbar


The ADIEMUS GS560 sound bar from Redragon is their first offering for a soundbar format and it doesn't disappoint.  It provides clear, crisp sound coupled with a nice rich lower levels that enhance your gaming experience.


What's in the box?

1 - ADIEMUS GS560 Soundbar with attached combination usb-a / 3.5mm headphone plug

1 – Instruction pamphlet

1 – Redragon Logo Sticker

Specs (in inches): 15.75L x 3W x 3.25H)


The packaging for the soundbar is very straightforward.  It is a lightweight cardboard box that is an exact fit to the speaker.  There are two white spongy foam braces holding the speaker tight.  The speaker is light, and without a lot of mass, so there isn't much shifting in shipment.  The Redragon art and logos is smooth as ever adorning the box.

The speaker itself is rather minimalistic and doesn't not give off an aggressive vibe at all.  It is sleek, molded in matte black and has predominantly straight lines.  The ends of the speaker sweep back in a tight curved surface while the body of the speaker is tapered from front to back.  

redragon gs560 soundbar

On the face of the speaker grill, smack in the middle, is the volume control and power button. This control knob is more of a satin finish and casts a welcome shine to say "touch me."  On the top of the speaker is a Redragon logo which also serves as a touch spot to switch between lighting modes.  The bottom of the speaker has a nice foam anti-slip pad to keep the speaker firmly in place.  This is a welcome feature due to the lightness of the unit.  Had Redragon gone with small circular pads, the lack of surface area may have allowed the speaker to move around from bumps and cord forces.  As delivered, the ADIEMUS does not move easily.


redragon gs560 soundbar

Power for the ADIEMUS GS560 is supplied via USB.  You can plug it into any computer USB, power brick, or even a small TV that has a usb port.   I used it with an old cell phone power cube that I plugged the USB into and it worked just fine.  Sound is delivered to the speaker through a 3.5mm headphone plug.  This means you can plug these into anything normal headphones would work on, which is great.  I used it with my Android phone, an old iPod, and a small desktop monitor with zero issues.  Ok one issue does need to be mentioned.  The cord itself on this speaker is a dual purpose single cord.  It is hardwired into the speaker and the end has both the USB and sound plug together.  Not a huge deal, but it does mean that you will have to have the USB power source close to where you will be plugging in for sound as well.  There are USB extension cables available from other sources, but I really felt like this single cord was going to be too short for some people possibly.


Sound coming from the ADIEMUS GS560 is what you would expect from a speaker in this price range, however, it falls in the upper end of quality.  The upper frequencies are crystal clear.  If you are gaming, you WILL hear birds chirping, bullet casings clinking on the ground, anything that depends on crisp, precise audio. Where this speaker excels a little above others in this class is with the mid and lower range sound.  I have reviewed other Redragon speakers and these fall in line with sound delivery.  The midrange is rich and clean, giving your ears a satisfying stroke of sound.  Animals growling and engines roar to life with this speaker.  On the lower range, bass is convincing but let's face it, this is a sub $100 dollar sound bar with no subwoofer.  Don't expect to be shaken out of your seat, but you can expect a solid performing low range that will not make your games sound like there is something missing.  


The speaker does have RGB lighting effects, but there are only six color options to pick from and no way to customize it.  You tap the top of the speaker on the logo and you can swap between the presets. There are a few solid color options, and two color cycling (think rainbow) options as well.


Overall this speaker is a great option for someone looking for an inexpensive solution for stereo sound on their desktop.  This speaker is versatile, accepting any 3.5mm input source and any USB power source.  The sound is uncompromisingly clear and gets adequately loud with no distortion.  You cannot go wrong with a speaker in this class and price going with the ADIEMUS GS560.

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