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Redragon Fizz K617 Keyboard Review: Best Budget 60% Mechnical Gaming Keyboard


FIZZ K617 60 White & Pink Mechanical keyboard


Redragon K617 FIZZ is the latest model from Redragon and it's kind of insane.This is a wired 60 mechanical gaming keyboard for anyone that is a gamer on a budget. It has RGB LEDs, red mechanical switches, and the switches are dusk hot-swappable. All of this for just slightly over$ 30. This keeb is well on its way to being the stylish mechanical gaming keyboard.


The Redragon K617 FIZZ 60% gaming keyboard we reviewed has the following features and specifications.

  • Key Switches: Redragon Mechanical Red Switches
  • USB Connector: Detachable Type-C Cable
  • Keyboard Connectivity: Wired
  • Matrix: 61 Keys (Full Rollover)
  • Height Adjustable: Yes
  • Dimensions: 11.5*3.9 in
  • Weight:0.43 kg


What’s in the box

  • Redragon K617  Keyboard
  • Keycap Puller
  • Switch Puller
  • Switch Backup Box (4 Switches)
  • User manual
  • Usb 2.0 cable 
  • Sticker with the Redragon logo

I do want to talk a little bit about the colors on offer for this keyboard because it's not the standard black and white affair while I went with the gray and white model the main version of this keyboard you're going to be seeing in marketing is the pink and white model and these are the two different versions ( pink and white model & gray and white model).

redragon k617 keyboard


One of the things Redragon has been pushing is the fact that they are significantly lighter than a lot of the other keyboards they have on offer and i gotta admit even though the other Redragon keyboard that i own is the anivia and being low profile is not really comparable.


redragon k617

Also, i really appreciate the fact that they went with a gray outer body on this white model and if you get the pink model, it has a pink outer body. They easily could have just used one of the white keyboard bodies that they had lying around for both of these keyboards.


Speaking of going the extra mile over here on the back, We have my favorite  adjustable  feet, which not enough 60 keyboards have these. I much prefer using my keyboards at the steeper angle.

Redragon k617 pink keyboard

Ease of Use

k617 keyboard


As for the function layer, if you hold down the FN key and press escape that's going to be your grave key. If ou press Shift while holding down FN and then escape, you're going to get the tilde key on numbers 1 through 0 as well as the hyphen and equals keys. You're going to have F1 through F12 on the left bracket. 


The period is page up and the forward slash is page down. FN and Alt will will change your backlight setting mode where hitting M will change the backlight brightness and comma will change the backlight speed.  Redragon decided to have those as cycle keys instead of having dedicated keys for reducing and increasing both your brightness and your speed respectively.


Also when you are at the minimum and maximum settings on both of those your right ctrl key will flash. Holding down function and hitting WASD will give you your arrow keys though. Sadly holding down function and just tapping W will not toggle whether or not those are arrow keys or just letter keys. Also i'm pleased to say that holding down function and hitting the WIN key will lock the windows key.


I am so glad to see that becoming a much more common feature because i have opened my start menu while gaming more times than i'd like to admit.

Redragon k617 keyboard


Backlight Settings

Software & Settings

You can find the software for the Redragon FIZZ K617 here The software  makes it easier to create macros and bind macros and allows you to easier change the RGB lighting. 


k617 software


We have a drop down menu that allows you to select any of the lighting modes in the keyboard as well as adjust the speed brightness and where applicable the color of course when you're changing the color of these lighting modes, you can choose any of the colors in the quick select block as well as a custom color from the palette to the right.

k617 color setting

When you do want to choose a color from the palette or input your own rgb values manually, keep in mind that if you have all three of the values too close to each other,  you're going to just end up with white leds. 


You can set any key on the keyboard to whatever color you like in whatever pattern you want and there's even multiple profiles for this setting when you apply this setting it is saved to the keyboard. So even if you unplug the fizz from whatever computer you're currently using the software on and plug it into a computer that doesn't have the software on at all.



k617 keyboard review

This keyboard is like 35 bucks and  it's hot swappable with other routers which means you can put something like akko cs switches and i think holy pandas in this keyboard. For 35 bucks you could put a holy pandas or some akosia switches that's something that we're probably definitely gonna have to do now.



It is an amazing keyboard for the price even if the name does sound like a delicious dragon fruit based beverage and the only real thing i would change about this besides the name is the selection of colors on offer now while i really like the gray i gotta say i'm not the biggest fan of the pink and not for the reason you think my main issue with the pink keyboard is just the fact that it's kind of overdone.

It's really become the go-to color when you want to attract the girl gamer market now, this is coming from my personal experience, but i can count on one hand. The number of women i know that are really into pink and also really into gaming however, pretty much every single one of them loves purple and that is not a color you see very often in gaming accessories coincidentally on the official redragonshop.

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