Redragon H510 Zeus Wired Gaming Headset Review
redragon h510 gaming headset


The Zeus H510 Gaming headset by Redragon is a fantastic headset for those on a budget.  Sporting simulated 7.1 surround, lightweight construction and a noise cancelling microphone, this headset is more than capable of delivering quality sound regardless of what they are connected to.

What’s in the box


  • 1 x Zeus H510 All In One Headset

  • 1 x Detachable Microphone

  • 1 x USB Control Box Cable (Mac/PC only)

  • 1 x 3.5mm Headphone Cable

  • 1 x Y-Adapter

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Redragon Sticker

  • 1x Storage Bag


redragon h510 headset


Speaker Impendance 64±15% (f=1KHZ)
Speaker Sensitivity 110±3dB
Speaker Ratred Power 20mW-30mW
Speaker Frequency Response 50-20KHZ
Microphone Ratred Power 2V-10V
Microphone Type Omni-directional


 redragon h510 headset


Opening up the package you will first notice how nicely packaged the headset is.  The unit is snugly packed in a form fitting spot, surrounded by branded boxes containing the accessories. Redragon pays a lot of attention to their packaging both in terms of protection and presentation of the product.  This is no exception.  Until you remove the headset from the box, they will not move!  It is just icing on the cake when you see a quality product treated with care during packaging.


 redragon h510 pc gaming headset


The headset itself is strong.  The band is made from a lightweight steel and feels solid.  The overall weight of the headphones is nice.  There is a slight heft to them, but it doesn’t feel oppressive.  The faux leather, memory foam filled ear cups are comfortable and manage to block out most external sound.  There is no noise reduction to the ear pieces, but the firm seal made by the ear cups does a good job of blocking.  Your ears may get a little warm just because the seal is so good, but this is the case with many headsets and is not a knock on this headset.  


 Redragon H510 Zeus Wired Gaming Headset


The ear cups extend downward approximately two inches on each side.  For most people, the headband expansion and the lowering of the ear pieces will be good, but for those with huge heads, likely you will find these small.  I doubt there are many people out there that this will be an issue for.


The included cables are braided and feel very well made. They are flexible enough to not be a hindrance or annoyance, but don’t feel like a cheaply made floppy cable. There is a little resistance to them when trying to make tight bends, but that is the woven sheath compression preventing this (a good thing).


To round off the presentation and just another piece of bonus kit, there is an included travel bag for your headset. Seeing as this is an all in one style headset, there are three included cables and adapters. This bag makes it easy to transport all of it neatly wherever you go.

Multi Platforms Headphone

Presentation is great and all, but how do they sound?

This is a mixed bag of good points. Very little in the way of what I would call negative points. Let me explain. The sound is dependent solely on where you are using them. Meaning, if you have them on an Xbox or PC your sound will be completely different. I connected this headset to anything that would let me at home. I started with my Xbox and PS4. What struck me when I connected them was how quiet they sounded. With no boost or amplification, the headset sounded sort of muted. Now, they still sounded clear and had crisp frequency response to lower tones and midrange, but I just couldn’t get them to be as loud as my ears wanted them to be. Playing games sounded awesome with the ability to hear even the most minute sounds clearly, but I would have liked to be able to increase the headset volume.

This was similar to my experience when using them with a phone (both android and an older iphone), tablet, iPad and iPod Nano. The volume was good, just couldn’t drive it to the point where I could “rock out.” Loud, but limited is what I would say.

Now, when you connect the headset to a PC and use the software to make adjustments the sound takes on a new life. The inline control box on the usb cable seems to unlock the headset’s potential. With the volume control you can finally go above a certain point that consoles and phones don’t seem to be able to cross. At these higher volumes the headset shines. The sound remains crisp even at higher levels, midrange remains clear, the upper frequencies maintain a richness rather than getting “tinny” in pitch. It is on a whole new level and honestly where the headset will likely remain in my household. For comparison’s sake, my current gaming headset has inline controls on the 3.5mm cable and I can’t help but feel that these H510’s need that too in order to drive the sound over its built in threshold. It is mildly frustrating that the sound on the headset is dictated by the sound slider in games on the Xbox or PS or even the Switch. You can’t mute or adjust volume by any means on the headset itself while playing. This is frankly something that virtually all “gaming” headsets come equipped to do, so it is a mystery why it wasn’t integrated into the 3.5mm cable from Redragon. Still, the sound quality does make up for it. Although I have these conveniences on my older set, the fact is the Redragon H510’s simply sound better and are more comfortable to wear. Those attributes far outpace being able to mute my sound.

In terms of multiplayer online games, this headset, again, excels. The included detachable microphone broadcasts your voice loud and clear to whomever you are playing with. The included background noise reduction ensures that only your voice goes through. I have a fan running nearby and none of that noise made it through when I spoke. On the PC, using the software package, you can adjust the microphone levels. On the Xbox/PS/Switch/, no such luck. The microphone works on default values which is not a bad thing, because I found that I didn’t need to adjust it anyway on the PC. The microphone simply works, and works very well.

FInal Words
To wrap things up, the H510 Zeus headset is an awesome piece of tech for this price point. You simply won’t find many, if any, headsets in this range that have the sound quality these do. Rich, uncompromising with clearly defined bass. No distortion or frequency stammering. They are comfortable, solid, and will provide you with fantastic sound no matter the platform.


Written By Rob Manning


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