GT32 Racing Wheel & Pedals

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  • TRUEFORCE Racing wheel for PC
  • PMSM Dual-Motor Control Box & Pedals
  • Non-Contact Hall Sensors
  • Responsive Adjustable Pedal Units
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    Redragon GT32 innovative racing simulation system uses numerous industrial grade technologies: non-contact hall sensor, belt module sync drive, customized brushless PMSM dual motors, and highly responsive adjustable pedals. Only to create a delicate and realistic racing experience for computer gamers.


    Copy Realistic Racecar Wheel

    900-degree wheel rotation, hand-stitched leather cover, original shape built-in Hall-effect steering sensor

    Game-Ready Controls

    Retro buttons and easy-access joysticks are all in your controls, completely compatible to PC racing games

    PMSM Dual Motors Force Feedback

    Realistic rebuilt the actual feeling of each car in each field while racing in game

    Belt Module Sync Transmission

    Ultra-low wear coefficient, stable mechanical properties, long-lasting silky smooth fee

    High-Responsive, Adjustable Pedals

    Throttle, pressure-sensitive brake, and clutch pedals are using Hall sensor too for accurate & realistic driving feedback while they both are adjustable at position and force for every racer

    Tank Solid CNC Metal Body

    The whole body is made of CNC metal pedal unit with multi-directional adjustable detachable technology, shift paddles and mechanical sense can be adjusted independently too

    Dual-Motor Control 

    PMSM Servo Motor offers smooth mechanical movement and fast acceleration and deceleration of the driving speed. Resistant to temperatures up to 180°C, anti-aging, and wear-resistant for a long lifespan.

    Close-To-Real Racing Car Design 

    Made of steel metal CNC hot pressing process, hand-stitched leather. Not only in the physical driving force feedback to simulate the real racing car but also in the craft manufacturing.

    Steering At Will Max to 900°

    The GT32 racing wheel is capable of steering to 900° just the same as the racecar wheel. Create and surpass a realistic racing experience in all aspects, an affordable Formula 1.

    Easy-Access Game Control

    The steering wheel control panel is designed with classic retro joystick and colorful buttons for easy and quick in-game settings and unique operations.

    Adjustable, Detachable Paddles & Shifters

    Each pedal can be independently calibrated to receive signals and complete gaming instructions. All units are force feedback adjustable, the brake can be adjusted between 0-100 KG, define what is real to you.



    Real Force Feedback Car Racing Simulator
    PMSM Dual-Motor Control Box & Pedals
    Non-Contact Hall Sensors
    Supreme-Real Force Feedback Dedicated for Computer Gamer


    Wheel Physical Specifications 11.65 * 12.59 * 5.11 in (296*320*130 mm)
    Weight of Wheel4.62 lbs (2.1 kg)
    Pedal Specifications15.31 * 12.71 * 8.3 in (389*323*211 mm)
    Weight of Pedal15.21 lbs (6.9 kg)
    Control Box Specifications14.96 * 12.40 * 9.37 in (380*315*238 mm)
    Weight of Control Box12.56 lbs (5.7 kg)

    Package Included

    1 x Racing Wheel
    1 x Control Box
    1 x Pedal



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