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Trundle k668
  • Overview
  • Specifications
  • Software Download
  • Reviews
Trundle k668
  • Overview
  • Specifications
  • Software
  • Reviews
Redragon_K668_Hot-swappable_Gaming_Keyboard_6 Redragon_K668_Keyboard_2 Redragon_K668_Hot-swappable_Gaming_Keyboard_7 Redragon_K668_Hot-swappable_Gaming_Keyboard_8

Master Your Realm with 108 Keys

When gaming or multitasking, you need a keyboard that can keep up. Our Full Size Layout is equipped with 104 keys that offer anti-ghosting, so you can simultaneously click multiple keys without a hitch. But we didn't stop there; we added an extra 4 shortcut keys, making your life more convenient and practical in both the virtual and real worlds.

Hot-Swappable Red Switches

Ever dreamed of customizing your typing experience down to each keystroke? Our Hot-Swappable Red Switches make that dream a reality. These quiet, basic linear mechanical switches offer soft key travel, ensuring each click is not only effortless but also discreet. Outfitted with 3.5mm sound-absorbing foam, you get a clear and crisp typing sound with zero annoying noise. Unlock the freedom to swap almost all types of switches on the market, whether 3-pin or 5-pin.

Light Up Your World with Groovy RGB

Set the mood with our Vibrant Groovy RGB settings, offering up to 19 presets of backlighting modes. Adjust brightness and flow speed right on the board to match your vibe. Plus, our new music sync mode transforms your desktop into a personal discotheque. Witness a stunning light show that not only immerses you but also elevates your gaming and working environment.

Designed for Unmatched Comfort

Step into a world of comfort with our Ergonomic Design. The 2-stage adjustable feet make typing more comfortable and help relax your wrists. Get lost in the creative fun of our 3 colors Mixed Keycaps, ensuring each gaming session feels fresh. Say goodbye to wrist fatigue and hello to endless comfort.

Pro Software for Pro Users

With Pro Software Support, you're in control. Design your own modes and effects through redragonshop and optimize macros with different keybindings or shortcuts for unparalleled work and gaming efficiency.

Be Productive Your Way

Default with 4 keys for Mute, Calculator, Screenlock, and Desktop, or define these shortcuts via software. Whether you're in a game or the office, you're equipped to excel.


Full Size 108 Keys Layout
Sound Absorbing Foams
Definable 4 Shortcuts
Pro Software Supported
Hot-Swappable Red Switches
Upgraded Hot-swappable Socket
Vibrant Groovy RGB
Mixed Color Keycaps


Weight0.88 kg
Dimension17.3 x 4.7 in
SwitchesRed switches
Matrix 108 Keys
Keyboard LayoutUS Layout
Wrist RestNone
Compatible DevicesPC, Laptop

Package Included

1 x Redragon K668 Keyboard
1 x User Manual
1 x Keycap Puller
1 x Switch Puller
1 x USB-C Cable
1 x Redragon Sticker
4 x Red Switches

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Horrible customer service

I reached to customer service multiple times and my request has been ignored for 12 hours. They beat around the bush and avoid my return request. They make it very hard to do a return. The keyboard is fine but I was looking to get a wireless keyboard from them but will no longer ever buy from them again due to the horrible customer service

Jack Truscott
Great for the most part

I already love this keyboard, but it’s kinda disappointing that it only comes in white. Also, some keys tend to squish more than others, which makes it feel a little inconsistent.

Excellent Keyboard to Customize

I was looking for a slightly larger keyboard (I currently have an 60%) and am so glad I found this one. I really enjoy modding my keyboards and the base already gave a great starting point for when I might change the switches. It's even better because the board is compatible with 5-pin! Of course the RGB colors are fun and customizable which is great too. Overall, really a big fan of all the redragon products - especially this keyboard. Will probably buy another to have at the office.

Great keyboard, keys can be lubed though

This is honestly a great keyboard for its price. The only problem is that the switches feel a bit too rough and definitely need to be lubed; otherwise, the texture on these keycaps is amazing, and you get another set of them in inverted colours! I also love how there's 2 ways for the keyboard stand to be used; I think it's a 4 degree one and then an 8 degree one. Another thing is that the keys are sloped, with the bottom row being the lowest one and the top row being the highest one. Definitely a great keyboard. It also has rgb lines on the sides and one facing towards you.

Opinia o TRUNDLE K668

Klawiatura pełnowymiarowa z Hot-Swap czego chcieć więcej. Głośność na akceptowalnym poziomie. Wygląd w klimatach retro też mi pasuje. Co istotne w moim przypadku oprogramowanie nie było mi potrzebne, wszystko ustawiłem za pomocą klawiszy funkcyjnych. Jedyne co musiałem zmienić w systemie to skróty dla dwóch klawiszy czyli blokada ekranu i odtwarzacz multimedialny. Korzystam z systemu Linux.

Swipe To View

Hear Keystroke
Operation Style
Operation Force
Actuation Point
Total Travel Distance
Life Span (Keystrokes)
Sound Level
Suitable For
Outemu Red
50 million
Outemu Blue
50 million
Outemu Brown
50 million
Midway (Office/Gaming)

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