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Redragon Impact M908 vs Impact Elite M913: An In-depth Comparative Review for MMO Gamers


m908 vs m913

At Redragon, we are committed to providing gamers with high-quality peripherals that enhance their gaming experience. Today, we're going to delve deeper into two of our popular gaming mice dedicated to MMO gamers: the Impact M908 and the Impact Elite M913. Both mice are designed with the needs of MMO gamers in mind, but they each offer unique features that set them apart.

Design and Build Quality

m908 vs m913

Both the Impact M908 and the Impact Elite M913 boast a similar design and build quality. They feature a sturdy case and a comfortable grip, perfect for long gaming sessions. The ergonomic design ensures that your hand won't fatigue even after hours of intense gaming. The mice are designed with a total of 19 customizable buttons, allowing you to tailor the mouse to your specific gaming needs.

m908 vs m913

However, there are a few key differences that set them apart. The Impact M908 is a wired mouse, providing a stable and lag-free connection, which is crucial during intense gaming sessions. On the other hand, the Impact Elite M913 offers wireless connectivity, giving you the freedom to move without being tethered to your computer. This difference in connectivity might affect your gaming experience depending on your preference for wired or wireless gaming peripherals.

Sensor and DPI

m908 vs m913

The sensor and DPI are crucial factors to consider when choosing a gaming mouse. The Impact M908 uses a high-precision sensor with a max DPI of 12,400, providing accurate tracking and swift response. This makes it perfect for gamers who prefer a lower DPI setting for better control.

m908 vs m913

On the other hand, the Impact Elite M913 boasts a max DPI of 16,000. This higher DPI setting is ideal for gamers who prefer a higher sensitivity for swift movements. The DPI can be easily adjusted on-the-fly, allowing you to switch between different sensitivity settings depending on the gaming scenario.

Adjustable Weights


One of the standout features of the Impact M908 is its adjustable weights. This feature allows you to change the feel of your mouse, making it as light as 130 grams or as heavy as 167 grams. This level of customization ensures that you can tailor the mouse to your exact preferences, enhancing your gaming experience. Whether you prefer a lighter mouse for swift movements or a heavier mouse for better control, the Impact M908 has got you covered.

The Impact Elite M913, on the other hand, does not offer adjustable weights. However, it is designed with an optimal weight distribution, ensuring a comfortable grip and smooth movements.

RGB Lighting


Both the Impact M908 and the Impact Elite M913 feature customizable RGB lighting. This feature allows you to personalize your mouse with your own unique style. With multiple lighting modes and a spectrum of colors to choose from, you can create a dynamic lighting effect that matches your gaming setup or reflects your gaming mood.


In conclusion, both the Redragon Impact M908 and the Impact Elite M913 are excellent choices for MMO gamers. Your choice between the two will depend on your personal preferences. If you prefer a wired mouse with adjustable weights and lower DPI, the Impact M908 is the one to get. However, if you prefer a wireless mouse with a higher DPI and the freedom to move without being tethered to your computer, the Impact Elite M913 is the better choice. Regardless of which mouse you choose, both offer great value for their price and are sure to enhance your MMO gaming experience. Experience the Redragon difference today!

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