RGB Keyboards Explained - and the Best Redragon RGB Keyboards for You

So, you're interested in RGB keyboards and wondering about the difference between RGB keyboards, backlit keyboards, and multicolor keyboards, and why gamers would prefer RGB keyboards. In our ultimate guide, you will learn what is RGB keyboard, why gamers love RGB, how to change your keyboard backlight,  and get answers to the most frequently asked questions.



What is an RGB keyboard?

redragon rgb keyboard


Let's start by defining what an RGB keyboard is not. It's not merely a keyboard with backlighting that highlights the letters on each key. Additionally, it is not a multi-color keyboard that offers a variety of preset colors for various key groups.

An RGB keyboard is far more flexible since it allows you to choose from any of the 16+ million colors on the RGB wheel and apply them in groups, individually, or fully. This elevates RGB keyboards above conventional backlit versions and those that only display a limited number of standard primary colors.

Additionally, new strategies for using different hues and patterns for video games, as well as in your own home or at the office, continue to be developed. This is particularly accurate when using cutting-edge RGB software like the ones provided by Redragon. 

What is a backlit keyboard?

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A keyboard with lights is referred to as a backlit keyboard, illuminated keyboard, or a backlit gaming keyboard. The keys are illuminated by the lights, making them visible in dimly lit or dark surroundings.

What is the difference between RGB and multicolor?

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The significant difference, in this case, is that each key has a single RGB LED that can be fully customized either from the keyboard itself or by using specific software. And The difference between the two is RGB has fully customizable LEDs whereas multicolor does not have fully customizable LEDs

Is RGB good for keyboards?

The computer, the area around the monitor, the mouse, and even the keyboard may all contain RGB lights. In fact, an RGB keyboard is a requirement for anyone looking to design the best computer setup. An RGB keyboard has RGB LEDs inside each key, giving the whole thing a backlit appearance.


Why do gamers love RGB?

As apparent and straightforward as it may appear, most gamers undoubtedly prefer RGB lighting since it offers them a voice. the possibility of making a mass-produced item appear more customized or one-of-a-kind. A gaming keyboard can become more than just the purpose it fulfills thanks to RGB lighting.

If you enjoy playing video games, you undoubtedly already know that an RGB keyboard may make it easy for you to locate the crucial WASD keys so that you can get the most out of each of the main default movement keys in games. However, using an RGB gaming keyboard for more than just navigating a virtual world is possible.

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Here's a list of how gamers all around the world are using some of the best RGB gaming keyboards: 

  • Custom key binds to make it easier to play your favorite games, and more
  • Lights that you may synchronize with in-game time restrictions on item cooldown times
  • Custom profiles you can save to coordinate other RGB peripherals.

Additionally, some game features are now pre-configured to work with RGB keyboards. For example, when you running low on health, or a team member dies, a keyboard alert will appear.

Is an RGB keyboard necessary?

Many people enjoy how the RGB or backlit look. An RGB keyboard can help you see keys more in the darkness of a room and bring life to it. RGB is amazing because you can use it to combine your favorite colors to make cool patterns.


RGB keyboards for office and home use

The good thing about an RGB keyboard built into a laptop is you get to use the many different colors that come with a normal RGB mechanical keyboard, but with the quiet membrane-style laptop keystrokes. With this new idea being spread it has opened the door for people who do office work or work in dark areas. Here are some advantages of having an RGB keyboard as a non-gamer:


Practical benefits of an RGB keyboard for non-gamers:

  • Bright RGB keys that help see letters/numbers in the dark
  • Macros that can make cool color-keyed visual responses including RGB patterns and motions
  • CPU alerts, both gamers, and non-gamers can benefit from knowing if their CPU becomes overheated or rising fast

Aesthetic benefits of an RGB keyboard for non-gamers:

  • Colors and patterns give the opportunity to express a mood, personality, and even themes
  • With over 16 million possible colors and shades, you can find colors to match just about anything! Including personal logos or company logos
  • With all these options you can be able to keep the vibe fun and stay up to date with the fun RGB keyboard world!

How do I change my keyboard backlight?

Every keyboard has its own key combination to change its backlights some may be the same while others are different! But one of my main ways used to do this is FN+PGUP/PGDN.  FN+9 or FN2+9 if FN2 is an option for your K530 PRO keyboard. 

How do I customize my RGB keyboard?

To do so:

  1. Make sure to download the software for the keyboard for the full experience

     2. Go to “LIGHT” and choose whatever colors your heart desires. OR go to “EFFECTS” 


      3. Choose a lighting effect to assign.

      4. Click “APPLY”.

Is it OK to leave the keyboard lights on?

Yes, it is ok to leave the keyboard lights on if you do not mind battery increased consumption. And potential eye problems if used for a long period of time in darkness

Does the backlit keyboard drain the battery?

The backlit does increase the battery consumption up to a whopping 14-17% more than if you were to turn it off. So turning the backlit off is a good idea if you want to preserve the keyboard battery.

Redragon RGB keyboards

Redragon has entered the RGB keyboard market with great numbers. We now offer many types of keyboards with RGB and amazing software to go with them. Here are two great examples of good RGB keyboards:

The draconic k530 Pro comes with specialized software to help set up macros, change RGB modes, key remapping, and unlimited profiles to suit your gaming needs and desire! Also with the ability to adjust the speed and brightness of your keyboard within the software, you can make it exactly how you want it!

The FIZZ K617 is a highly loved keyboard for its design and ultra-portableness its a wired budget king this is definitely a keyboard you want to have if you're looking for an amazing design and very vibrant RGB. With the pro software for this keyboard, you can do many things the same as other top-tier software and with ease, to get the best RGB outcome!


The Castor K631 PRO is a wired or wireless 65% keyboard that has three full modes of connection including USB-C wired, BT 3.0/5.0, and 2.4Ghz wireless! It's very loved for its design and clean build with its red linear switches. This keyboard has very pro-designed software alongside the FN Combo Media keys people love to use! With the Castor being a highly mod-able keyboard, modders love this keyboard in specific!

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