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Redragon m711 Cobra Gaming Mouse Review

Hardly any PC input device is as important as the mouse. A reliable and well-equipped mouse plays an essential role, especially for gamers. But before I go directly with review for Redragon M711 COBRA, I want to tell you what you should consider when buying a good gaming mouse.


So what makes a good gaming mouse? A good gaming mouse should first and foremost have good quality of workmanship and robust switches. After all they are exposed to higher and longer loads than regular mouse.


So the Redragon M711 COBRA leaves a good impression on me. As I need a new mouse. Since I mainly play games on PC, the right mouse button suffers a lot. The last mouse did not withstand the heavy use and passed away. So I was looking for a new gaming mouse. Two factors play an important role for me. On the one hand, the comfort, and normally super speed. So I decided to buy M711 COBRA.


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This gaming mouse offers boths, considering that features a 10000 DPI optical gaming sensor with advanced tracking and high-speed motion detection for precise control. And at the same time it is very comfortable for the hand.


7 buttons are freely available to the user for programming. Key programming is only possible after installing the software. In contrast to other mice, the buttons can be assigned certain functions that can be set using the software.


The buttons are divided as follows: 2 are on the left side of the mouse, the remaining on the top and other side. The DPI button provide quick access to a total of 5 different DPI levels from 500 to 5000. In the standard setting, the DPI is predefined, but with the help of the software these can be adapted to individual requirements from 100 to 10000.

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The fantastic appearance of the Redragon M711 COBRA is given by the RGB lighting. There are hardly any limits to the user here. The end user can freely choose from a total of 7 RGB lighting effects, adding or switching off different colors. If scrolling through the colors is too boring for you, you can even use special modes such as Breathing, Rainbow, Full lighted, Wave, Go without Trace, Reactive, Flash.

It provides very good comfort during use, although is made from plastic. I simply say that the mouse should be ideal for almost everyone. Why do I say that? Because all the buttons are well positioned, which allows comfortable and quality use of the mouse. Also the mouse is not too heavy and is very light in terms of weight which is of course an important thing for gamers. All in all a very well made gaming mouse in this price range.


The plastic parts used for both the mouse and the buttons are excellent and prevent scratches. The high quality standard can also be found in the RGB lighting, because the LEDs are bright and true to color. Overall, a long life cycle can be expected from the product. Also it is really cool to watch RGB lighting effects.


During use, or to be more precise while playing games, the mouse did a great job. considering that it is very precise and fast.


In conclusion, the Redragon M711 COBRA is unbeatable for its price which is around US $22. I get a full gaming mouse that is dedicated to efficiency. The number of buttons is just right, the adjustable DPI values of up to 10,000 are completely sufficient and the most important thing. The gaming mouse is simply amazing in the hand for both larger and smaller hands. In addition, you also get the software that enables a variety of functions, so that I can adapt the buttons, DPI speed, but also the RGB lighting to my needs. So if you are looking for an RGB mouse for gaming, you should grab it right away.


Author: Ivan Vovk

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