Redragon K591 Parvati RGB Backlit Low Profile Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


This is a 104 key, RGB thin style mechanical gaming keyboard for people that want all the best features, but also want to save space on their desk. This is great for those that are minimalists that don't want all the extra keys on some keyboard out there but also want all the best features. Below is my review & PLEASE SEE MY REVIEW VIDEO AS WELL HERE ON AMAZON AS WELL

Quality: This mechanical keyboard is very well made, it features a full metal body that is water resistant. The switches on this are top notch red switches that have a 33% lower key height which means your presses register quicker and quieter than other mechanical switches out there. The keycaps are of great quality as well, everything feels sturdy and well built. The metal body is great and much more durable that the standard plastic that most keyboards use. There are nice feet on the underside bottom for grip, very well built overall.

Features: This keyboard has the standard 104 Full keys design with anti-ghosting for gaming. It has 18 built in Lighting effects that you can control all through the hardware. You can also customize the lighting to your own settings should you not like any of the 18 it comes pre-programmed with. Using the software for this keyboard you can program macros to any of the keys. This means this keyboard is great for typing and work as well as awesome for gaming too.

Looks: This is a beautiful keyboard, the lighting is excellent, every type of lighting is on this thing and can be customized to your liking as I said above, you can change the colors, directions, which keys light up or not and it comes with 18 preset lighting effects too. This keyboard also has lighting on the sides too, not only on the keys on top, but the actual keyboard has lighting on each side, looks great. The minimalist design means it looks very clean and neat on any desk.

Typing: Typing in this keyboard feels good, all of the 104 standard keys are on here including a standard 10-key area on the right side. The switches activate very fast and the sound is not too loud as to bother others in the room. It is quieter than other switches as this keyboard uses red switches with lower height, bnoth combine for a much quieter mechanical keyboard.

Gaming: The fast red switches, anti-ghosting, and programmable macros will improve the gameplay for any gamers out there no matter what type of games you like to play. It is a comfortable keyboard to use and leaves plenty of room for your mouse, monitor and everything else you put on your desk since its a thin keyboard and takes up less space than most other 140-key keyboard out there.

Value: This keyboard is in the $50-70 price range. There is no other keyboard built with this quality that has all of these features in a thin body out there for less money. In my house we replaced a Logitech G901 that was over $150 with this Redragon keyboard and we feel this keyboard is superior to it for about a third of the price. Simply put, you can not beat the value you get with this keyboard. This is one of the areas you will truly appreciate, you save so much money that you can go out and get more RAM or upgrade your mouse or hard drives instead of putting all that money into another keyboard brand that overcharges for the same or less quality & features.

Conclusion: If you are in the market for a104-key Thin Gaming keyboard that can save space on your desk without sacrificing any features, the I highly recommend this Redragon K591 to you. We love it in my household and I cannot wait to see what else this company puts out, they have never disappointed me once yet and this is my 5th purchase this year for their gaming products. (Make sure to watch the video that goes with this review to get a better view of what this keyboard has to offer and see it in action).


Author: Johnny T

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