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Redragon DITI K585 One-handed keyboard Review
redragon k585 gaming keyboard



My first experience with a one handed gaming keyboard came nearly 13 years ago. I had seen it on a shelf at a store on a military base in Spain. I was very intrigued, so I purchased it. Which was a great decision because the experience turned out to be amazing.


It was much more convenient and ergonomic than the standard 2 handed keyboards. It allowed for me to play in tighter spaces, and, more importantly, place my hands and arms in ways that made my pc gaming much more comfortable. As time went on, that device eventually stopped working, but not without making an influence on the market.


By the time it had died, there were several other alternatives on the market, so I did not have to worry about losing this new love and experience I had while gaming. Over the last decade, I have used several different brands and styles, each evolving with the newest technology available, which has led me to the one I have today; the Redragon DITI K585.


When I purchased the K585, I actually was not in the market for a new gaming keyboard. I had another brand, that was working just fine for what I needed it for, but overall, the quality of it left some room for improvement. When I noticed that Redragon had released their own versions of one handed gaming keyboards, I knew that I was going to be very satisfied with the product. This expectation has been developed over the years, as I have used several Redragon products, all of which, have been of supreme quality and lasting far longer than other more expensive products I have purchased.


My M901 has lasted years longer than a similar product I owned, which I had replaced 4 times. I really did not expect that considering the price difference between the 2 products. If you have never purchased a Redragon product before, then you will struggle with comprehending the quality of the product when seeing the crazy prices that you pay for it.


Packaging & Contents

When the k585 arrived, I had no doubts about it. I could feel through the weight of the box that the product inside was going to be nice. The k585 weighs in at 1.25 lbs. That is a solid chunk of weight for a one handed keyboard. This weight is vital, as it helps with it to stay stationary during your intense gaming moments. Though, you may notice a bit of sliding from time to time, this may be due to the rubber grips on the bottom not having enough surface area to create the friction needed to hold it still on certain surfaces. If you have it on a full width mouse pad, you’ll likely notice no sliding at all.

redragon diti one-handed keyboard


The k585 comes with the keypad, a detachable wrist mount, and a usb type c cable. The usb cable is nicely made, and doesn’t feel like the $5 ones you would pick up at the checkout line at your local department store. The wrist mount is held on using some very strong magnets, however, they’re not strong enough to keep it on if you lift the pad up. I found this out when moving it one day while holding it by the wrist mount. My pad came off and hit the floor. It’s not surprising however, since 17oz of the overall weight is in the keypad alone. I should have been more careful.


They keypad has a lot of keys on it, all of which are programable. But before we get into that, I should note that the keypad does have OUTEMU Blue Switches under the keys, and it makes for a very satisfying gaming experience. You’ll have a crisp press with an audible tick. It can be noisy, but what mechanical keyboard isn’t? It comes with the quality. Now back to the programmable keys.


The keypad itself will run as default keys when you plug it in. However you’ll notice that you have some M buttons above the F keys, and some G keys on the left and right. These keys are extra keys that you can assign extra keys to that aren’t on the pad by default, and even make macros to execute at the touch of a button. The M buttons are used to switch profiles in case you have multiples for different games. To take advantage of the programmable features, you have to install the software from the Redragon website. This is fast and easy to do.



The software will allow you to not only build your profiles, assign macros / keys to the G keys, and swap out the regular keys to something more fitting, but it also allows you to adjust the RGB lighting features. Which are fun, especially if you’ve got a sweet lighting scheme on your pc that you’d like to match it to. The only downside to the software is that it doesn’t share with other Redragon products. This means you’ll have to download software for each product you buy. It would be nice to have it all centrally located on one piece of software.


Final Thoughts

Now I’ve used numerous one handed keyboards in my time, and I would 100% say that this one is the latest and greatest. The features, quality, price, and ease of use definitely make for a smart purchase. If you’ve never got to experience the ergonomics that come with a small one handed keyboard, you are missing out. I strongly recommend you give them a shot, and strongly recommend the k585 as the pad of choice.



  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Fantastic Price
  • Quality Keys
  • Easy to use and set up


  • Could use some bigger rubber pads to prevent sliding on slick surfaces.
  • The software would be improved by having multiple products under one location rather than only controlling one product each.
Author: Zach Harner

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