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With the Redragon K530, the manufacturer combines its innovative switch technology with a 60% form factor. In addition to the big and conspicuous, a second category of subtle, minimalist hardware is slowly emerging in the hardware sector. What was initially a niche occupied by small series is increasingly reaching the mass market. The fact that an established manufacturer like Redragon is deleting other keys in addition to the number pad on a keyboard is indisputable evidence of this development.

redragon k530 gaming keyboard

The Redragon keyboard measures just 291.7x101.7x36 mm (WxHxD), weighs just about 800 grams and comes in an extra-compact 60% form factor (61 keys). The manufacturer again uses high quality materials.

 redragon k530 keyboard

The highlight of the new Redragon K530 are the Redragon mechanical brown switches. Brown switches have a soft tactile feel, so you can gently feel when an input is made and leaves lower noise while in office. Also tactile but not clicky brown switches guaranteed for 50 million keypresses.

 redragon 60% gaming keyboard

The writing experience is just amazing. The fingers just fly over the keys. The clicking sound is not too loud. Everyone has to rate the sound for themselves because it is very subjective. But for me the sound is great, as it is not too loud.


The RGB effects are really cool,  and I believe everyone will like it. The extra RGB lighting effects off the whole thing perfectly looks. Dynamic 13 preset illumination modes are free to choose by the keyboard itself. Millions of color options and reactive typing effects make you the designer of your ultimate gear with pro driver which you can download for free. So you have available 16.8 million RGB lighting colors with pro driver. Every gamer’s dream.


When it comes to connectivity, this 60% keyboard can work wirelessly or wired. Which is definitely great because you have a choice to select how to use it, so if you want to use it wirelessly. Latest Bluetooth 5.0 it's here for you, where you also have the option to make a connection for three different devices like smartphones, tablets or PC. Wireless connection is easy because all you need to do is turn on Bluetooth on your desired device, and your device will automatically find the gaming keyboard.


redragon gaming keybaord wired or wireless bluetooth


On the left side is a switch, where you can change the Bluetooth profile, and you can save up to three different profiles which is useful.


As mentioned earlier, you can also connect the keyboard with a USB cable, since it has one USB type-C slot. Which also serves for charging the keyboard, since it has a built-in battery. So it has 2400 mAh long-lasting battery. The battery is long lasting, as the Redragon K530 is a small consumer of power.


60% gaming keyboard that is definitely worth the price. If you are not a gamer, then you can still use it for business purposes, since it is compact due to its smaller dimensions.

Written By Ivan Vovk

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