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Review of Redragon K563 Surya RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The K563 keyboard by Redragon is a fantastic mechanical keyboard with blue switches. Included with the keyboard are a few extra switches, a keycap puller, a switch puller and a user manual.

To talk about the design of the keyboard first: The keyboard has a nice, slick gun metal finish for the majority of the keyboard with RGB lighting. There are 6 advertised backlight themes, however I can’t seem to find them. In contrast, the default rainbow lighting is great! If you’re not a fan of RGB then not to worry. With the FN and arrow keys you can adjust the brightness, therefore turning it off. There is also a logo on the top right of the keyboard with 3 lighting modes. On, breathing and off.

Included, is a wrist rest that you can attach and detach to your preference to finish the overall ergonomic design. I only have a small problem with this as it doesn’t match the finish of the keyboard, however on the other hand, if this was the same material then the wrist rest could get too cold on your wrist so this isn’t a huge problem.

This keyboard features 5 macro keys at the top of the keyboard alongside a REC key used to record the macros. These macro keys are extremely easy to record to remove as and when you want. The keyboard also features multiple multimedia keys to be used with the FN key and a windows key that can be disabled for gaming.

I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone, whether you’re a casual PC user who just browses website, a designer, a video editor, a hardcore gamer. Anyone! The price is on the higher side compared to a lot of other keyboards but it is definitely worth it! The high durability of this keyboard will let you use this highly satisfying keyboard for a long period of time. Well worth the price tag.

Overall, I have found minimal faults which are just personal taste. This is a fantastic keyboard for everyone in the market for a new keyboard.

Redragon K563 Surya Gaming Keyboard Redragon K563 Surya RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Author: Aaron Bradley

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