Free Keyboard for Your Friend! - Redragon 2nd Anniversary
redragon giveaway

Have you bought and tired Redragon products? If you are satisfied with Redragon, would you recommend Redragon products to your friends? Does any of your friends plan to step into the gaming world? He/she may be stopped by a limited budget or just needs a chance to learn more about it.


Now it's the time! Submit your application with what Redragon products you used as well as a reason why would you recommend these keyboards to your friend, we will pick 6 lucky winners at random to send a FREE Redragon keyboard for his/her friend.


Q: What and how many Redragon products will be sent out?

A: The same product (Same Keyboard) of the 6 winners will be sent to their friend.


Q: When will this giveaway end and when will the result be announced?

A: The giveaway ends on Oct 22nd, the result will be announced on Oct 24th.


Q: Do I need to do anything else?

A: It would be much appreciated if you can share this blog to your social media and let more people engaged.


Q: When will the winners get the prize?

A: We'll contact you soon to confirm the detailed shipping information. Please be patient.


Q: What a shame, I didn't get the prize.

A: We appreciate your joining in this activity! Redragon will send the 2nd Anniversary $5 Gift Card to all of you (except for the winners)! The Gift Card will be sent on Oct 22nd. 


Winner Announcement:

#1 Winner: Kelly T

Recommend Keyboard: SURARA K582


I like that It’s a full keyboard that actually doesn’t take too much space. It has a nice RGB element that’s customizable. I actually wanted a blue switch but now that I’ve gotten linears it’s really nice and smooth feeling. The keys are doubleshot so I don’t have to worry about it rubbing off and they’re pretty sensitive so I can type without much pressure or hard handling. Though it’s not wireless, the cable is pretty long so I don’t have to sit to close to the monitor and I can adjust it by using the velcro tie. It also has some weight it so I don’t have to worry about it sliding when I type. The feet have rubber ends so another factor that makes it not slide and it adjusts the height of the keyboard but I just leave it flat because it’s already at good height. It’s also at a good price so I don’t have to break the bank to buy it, so it’s good value especially when there’s a sale or promotion with coupons.


#2 Winner: Haad A

Recommend Keyboard: K556 RGB


Not only is this keyboard sturdy with a mesmerizing back lit display, it is also well spaced out with all keys easily reachable. The key caps are ergonomically comfortable and have made my job typing essays something I can actually look forward too. Great for everyday use with amazing functionality and response times, this product has been one of ym favorite purchases of 2020!


#3 Winner:Juan T

Recommend Keyboard: visnu, k561 Rgb


I would recommend this keyboard to my friend because there is 18 rgb effects and all of them are awesome. And another thing why I love this keyboard is how amazing it feels when you type in it. Really would like to give this keyboard to my friend because he is building his first pc, so I want him to have this awesome keyboard.


#4 Winner: Sam W

Recommend Keyboard: SHIVA K512


Very good keyboard, this is for my brother he is getting into streaming and I recommended it because of the mappable G keys.


#5 Winner: Conna P

Recommend Keyboard: DITI K585 (Brown Switches)


It’s a good solid keyboard and feels like a more expensive keyboard it’s far more superior than the razer one handed keyboard which feels cheap a like plastic, the brown switches on the DITI K585 Have a nice feel & touch to them, and finally the position of the keys on your hand feels like a perfect fit especially the position of the space bar.


#6 Winner: David H

Recommend Keyboard: K563 Surya


It’s for my best friend in the world she uses a cheap junk keyboard because it’s and I quote white and pretty she is stubborn and won’t upgrade no matter how many times I tell her how AWESOME!!! Red Dragon is help me show her the light.


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