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Compact 70% Wireless TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Redragon K599 Deimos Review

This is a really cool design if you like compact keyboards but don't really like the idea of going all the way down to that 60 ultra compact form factor.  This K599 70% wireless tkl gaming  keyboard allows you to retain a little bit more functionality than you would get with some of those other designs like the arrow keypad, page up and down. Here so you're retaining a little bit more functionality than you normally would if you went down to those really small designs.

redragon k599


Design & Size

The built of Redragon K599 keybaord is better than some other keyboards that cost probably twice as much. Underneath we've got the usual flip out feet for just one level of height adjustment. And there's also a spot to store the usb wireless dongle and this is a magnetic compartment so it's really easy to just kind of pop that into place.  When it comes to grip the keyboard, it sits pretty firmly on your desk when the feet are not deployed. 



Keycaps just feel like regular ABS but they're pretty good they feel strong and i don't feel any weird movement or flexibility. Most people these days just want double shot PBT keycaps on their keyboard and they're not willing to settle for anything else because that's what marketing tells us these days. But personally a solid ABS keycap in my opinion does just as good a job now. 



The switches on here are linear red so there's no clicky sound no tactile feedback. It also includes four separate switches and a switch puller because the board is fully hot swappable so if anything goes wrong with one of the switches it's pretty easy to pop one out and put one of those spare ones in. If you're thinking of swapping all the switches altogether, just pay attention to the connection points on the bottom to make sure you're getting a switch that's going to be compatible with the board.

redragon switch


With compact keyboard designs like this K599 keyboard, you're giving up some dedicated keys in order to get that form factor down to this compact layout that it is that's just how it works you got to give stuff up in order to get the size down that far. Now all those functions that you're giving up are actually still there but you've got to access them on a separate layer using the function key.


Holding down the function key is going to allow you to take full control of multimedia including volume up and down pause play. You can control the rgb lighting and you can still use all your F keys.

Everything's plug and play so setups literally as easy as plugging in the usb dongle and turning the keyboard on and of course it can still be used in wired mode as well using a usb-c connection. They do include a really basic rubber usb-c cable if you want to use. 


Wireless Connectivity and Battery Life

Battery life's rated at around 60 hours which sounds pretty good that's on a full charge but it's also without any backlighting turned on. As soon as you crank that lighting up you can expect that to drop almost in half to around 30 hours or so.


The wireless performance is really good thanks to the 2.4 gigahertz wireless connection. It is so much better than any bluetooth connection that i've ever used. Bluetooth's really designed for mobile but there's a lot of devices out there that use it these days but what it's really doing is prioritizing battery life over raw speed and performance. With this 2.4 gigahertz wireless that's really not the case. There's no input lag whatsoever solid performance all the time and the range is just epic like i can get like 15 20 feet away from my computer and i still don't notice any input lag with it and that makes it a really good option if you have a really big space if you want to use it.  


I had a great time gaming with the k599.  I've been playing a ton of apex legends lately and this thing was perfect. There's not a lot of noise coming from them and they're very responsive so I had a really good time using this board. No input lag from the wireless just solid performance all the way around.


There's 18 different backlighting modes on here and six different brightness levels that you can control just using key combinations right on the board itself but there's also a free software. Just be advised if you want to use the software it's only going to work when the keyboard's in wired mode using that usb-c connection.

redragon k599


I think it's a really good compact wireless gaming keyboard it's got all the features that you'd expect and that extra little bit having those arrow keys and those other dedicated keys on the right hand side. It really makes a big difference in comparison to those really small compact designs that are out there if you want a small solid compact wireless mechanical gaming keyboard then i think this one's definitely worth checking out especially because it's packed with all the features that you'd really want and expect on a gaming keyboard. 

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