What is the difference between red, blue and brown switches exactly?

Red switches feature linear and smooth keystroke, quiet and soft.

Blue switches feature strong tactile feedback, rhythmical and clicky.

Brown switches feature both blue and red, little bump tactile and not so clicky.

Is it able to restore keyboard without software? How?

Use combo key with pressing Fn key + PRTSC(right next to F12 key) for RGB backlit keyboards, as for Rainbow backlit keyboard, press Fn key + ESC key still for about 3 seconds and then press F1, F3 and F5.

How to set the lighting of each individual key without software?

Press FN+[~] twice to start backlight definition. Meanwhile the four indicators [Num/Cap/Scroll/Win Lock] flashes together. The backlight of [~] shows the backlight color to be set. Press FN+[→] repeatedly to select backlight color. Then press the desired keys for color setting. Finally press FN+[~] once again key to save the setting. (Only for RGB keyboard)

Are all switches hot-swappable for replacing other brand switches?

All switches are hot-swappable. We don’t recommend for replacing other brand switches for some issues might cause the defective of a keyboard while replacing the switches.

How about using keyboard and mouse at NS, XBOX, PS4 and other platforms except PC?

A converter or adapter is needed for keyboard and mouse to work with NS, XBOX, PS4 and other platforms except PC.

Can programmed keys editable with time lag between key and key?

Yes, that is available. You can edit it by using the macro function in the software, edit the delay time with your ideal thought.

How to maintain and clean the keyboard? Is it washable?

We not recommend you to wash the keyboard with whatever soaked or running water, easy to clean it with wipes for wiping the main board and the switches. (make sure the keyboard is dried before using again)

Is it available to program the left button from a mouse with macro function?

Sorry, the left button is not available for macro. There will be conflict when applied with programmed keys on left button.

How to program Redragon mouse?

You can program Redragon mouse with its software except the left button from a mouse.


How to change Redragon mouse dpi?

Press DPI buttons on the mouse to change the dpi or set the dpi via software if the mouse has.

How to change color on Redragon keyboard?

For the RGB keyboard, press FN+→ to change the color on redragn keyboard. No color can be changed for the rainbow backlit keyboard.

How to turn off Redragon keyboard lights?

Press FN+↓ to turn down the brightness and even turn it off completely.

Does the keyboard/mouse compatible with Mac?

The keyboard/mouse is compatible with Mac, but the software is not able to run on Mac system. Any profile of backlit and macro settings can be applied on Mac for using if it has been edited and saved on PC.

What is optical switches?

To be clear, optical switches still have mechanical components but its structure is differenct from the general MX switch. The optical switch uses light for actuation instead of a mechanical connection which will be much faster and durable without suffering performance degradation due to the oxidization and wear of the metal contact points inside and metal debounce delay, it's lifespan can be up to 100 million clicks! Just like a standard mechanical switch, optical switch can have the same physical characteristics, such as a linear action (like Reds), tactile (Browns) and clicky (Blues). K582-Pro is Redragon's first optical switch with a very good typing and gaming feeling, just take a try, it will not let you down.

What switches do redragon use?

OUTEMU Switches

How to turn the side lights off on Redragon keyboard?

Press FN+PAUSE to change side lights and even turn it off completely.

What's the total travel (in millimeters) of the Outemu Blue switches?


What's the actuation point (in millimeters) of the Outemu Blue switches?


What's the Outemu Blue switches's actuation force?


I cannot download the Redragon software. What can I do?

The file it downloads is a .rar which requires third party software to open. Most people in the enthusiast community use the free trial of a program called WinRAR, available here. It's safe software that can be uninstalled afterward if you so choose. After installing WinRAR (or a similar program, there are some available for free from the Windows 10 Store), locate the file from Redragon, right click it, and click "Open with WinRAR. (or other software)" If right-clicking does not show this option, open the file normally and WinRAR or your software of choice should open it on its own. In the file is a program called "setup.exe," which you should then run to install the software.

How to use a German layout keyboard to set macros on Redragon mouse?

Before you start to set the macro, change the computer input method to English layout first. Remember to choose the "AmerEnglish-international" version. After you finish setting and saving the macros, switching back the computer input method.